Leadership Retreat: Region Northeast

Friday, 21 September 2018 4:45 PM - Sunday, 23 September 2018 11:00 AM EST

39 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ, 07756, United States

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Friday, 21 September 2018 4:45 PM - Sunday, 23 September 2018 11:00 AM EST

The Quaker Inn, 39 Main Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ, 07756, United States.

Group Discussion at: https://work-91209257.facebook.com/events/1688862601236017/


Inspire vision: how will God use your servant leadership for His Kingdom through your FAITH RXD chapter

Unify: grow in support of each other personally and as a team toward the vision and connection to the larger FAITH RXD leadership community

Equip: review and refine best practices

Refresh: leave excited to go back into your community with a refreshed mind and spirit, committed to deepening your walk with God, and to serving your local fitness community

Reading: “Leadership as an Identity” by Crawford Lorritz (will be sent upon registration)


4:45pm Check-in, nametags (name, chapter, role), room assignments

5:00pm Meet & greet, drinks & appetizers (optional)

6:00pm Dinner as a group

7:00pm RA shares ministry opportunity (what do we solve), mission (how do we solve), leadership team vision, reviews goals and itinerary for weekend

7:20pm Chapter connection

Round 1: How God called them to this ministry

Round 2: Celebrate how God is using the chapter to impact lives


“Don’t ever forget that it is God who is working through you- your accomplishments are not a statement of your glory but of the grace, power and glory of God Almighty. The only way to maintain this perspective is to regularly and joyfully surrender all that you are back to Him. One of the most important ways to do this is to take the compliments people give you and give them back to God as a praise offering. When God blesses you with the fulfillment of a vision He has placed on your heart or with the accomplishment of a goal, set aside a time to celebrate and praise God for what He has done through you and for you...heartfelt sincere praise is a powerful reminder that as leaders we are submissive followers.”- pg. 49


Round 3: What is your greatest need in your chapter leader role

Round 4: What is your greatest need personally


8:45pm Small Group Prayer

9:00pm Worship

9:15pm End


7:15am Personal devotion with guided material from “Leadership as an Identity"
8:00am Worship/ Prayer
8:30am Breakfast
9:30am Session 1: Servant Leadership (Biblical Basis)
4 characteristics (Brokennes, Uncommon Communion, Servanthood,Radical Obedience)
Application for family, church, FAITH RXD
Breakouts reflect and pray over our calling as servant leaders
Group Discussion
11:00am Team Workout
12:45pm Lunch
2:00pm Session 2: Chapter Tactics & Best Practices Discussion per leader question in event registration. Sample topics may include:

How do we secure a host box gym?
How do we relationally reach seekers?
How do we build an effective leadership team?
How do I avoid burnout?
How do I handle an uncommitted leader?

3:00pm SWOT analyze each leadership role (breakouts by chapter or area)

3:45pm Large group discussion - feedback from each group

4:15pm BREAK

4:30pm Session 3: Discipleship

Biblical basis, examples
Do we have someone in our lives pouring into us, someone to hold us accountable (peer to peer)
Are we pouring into someone else?
Who & how to ask
How do we spread this through our chapters and strength groups?


5:30pm BREAK



Everyone will take a few minutes to quiet their hearts and pray individually
We will gather as a group and each person will be prayed over by the group – they will state what is on their heart that the group (or say nothing and let the spirit speak through people unprompted) can pray for


10:00pm End


7:15am Personal devotion with guided material from “Leadership as an Identity”

8:15am Worship/prayer for the fitness community and the work of FAITH RXD

8:45am Breakfast

10:00am Personal reflection on takeaways
10:15am Small group discussion on takeaways
10:40am Closing remarks & prayer 

(Meals included Friday dinner through Sunday breakfast)

FAITH RXD: Uniting Faith & Fitness

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